Buddhist Funeral Service Singapore

Buddhist funeral package singapore

Buddhist funeral package Singapore

Based on many years of experience in Singapore, our team had designed this Buddhist funeral package to cover all the basic necessities during this difficult time.

Our standard Buddhist funeral set up will include funeral coordination and essential, professional team and dignified setting up, prayers performed by Buddhist Monks.

This Buddhist Funeral Services package is suitable for families who are looking for a simple yet dignified service. To help you save cost further, ceremonial items and accessories are included in this package!

Buddhist funeral service Singapore

Buddhist funeral service and packages by Comfort Supplier (Singapore) provide the perfect, solemn setting to help the soul of your loved one on its journey into the next life.

We understand that families may be overwhelmed with the loss of their loved one, as well as having to make decisions regarding the funeral. With that in mind, we endeavor to guide families through this difficult period of time with a gentle hand and being available 24/7.

We handle all aspects of Buddhist funerals with in-house services, which means we can offer:

Affordable pricing – avoiding middle-man costs.

Quality services – guiding mourners throughout the entire process.

Our complete Buddhist funeral package takes care of everything, from encoffining to cremation/burial and ancestral tablets.



Buddhism is a religion founded by Siddharta Gautama, also known as “The Buddha” 2,500 years ago. Its influence has grown over many years, mostly in Asian countries. Buddhism in other words means enlightenment. Many Buddhists meditate to keep their mind at ease. Through meditation, Buddhist devotees are able to gain wisdom. A Buddha is not a god but is also known as a respectable man whom devotees look up to.

Buddhist Funeral Services Singapore

Comfort Supplier Funeral Services offer an affordable Buddhist Funeral Package that includes the general needs of a Buddhist funeral. Basic items like embalming, transportation, tent set up at the void deck are also inclusive in our funeral package. In short, you have nothing to worry about. There are no hidden costs in our Buddhist funeral package. For instance, we have also included the Mandai cremation fees in our Buddhist Funeral Package.

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In conclusion, we are available 24/7 to take your call. You can make enquiries with us at +65 96658474 with no obligations to engage us. We are happy to help and guide you to arrange a remarkable funeral for your beloved one.

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