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Funeral Info & Guide – What to do when a death occurs

For many of us, our world stops together with the departure of a loved one.

We would be at a complete loss, not knowing what to do, especially when our source of strength and support pillar is gone.  Logistics is probably the last thing you would want to handle now.  Let us help you with the one-stop funeral arrangement while you take care of your emotions.

Everyone has our own personal items that we are used to having. At your own time, pick up cherished belongings of your loved one such as clothing, accessories, shoes, and other personal items you wish to include during encoffinment.

Common decisions to make includes the number of days for the wake to be held, venue of the wake (HDB, Multi-purpose Hall, Funeral Parlour, Temple/Church, Private estate), religious ceremony or secular style, photo & set up, memory keepsake through photography & video filming, memorial jewel etc.

On the final day, religious rites may be observed before cremation/burial commences and eulogies shared.

Friends and family members are encouraged to share personal stories or treasured memories of the times they spent together with their loved one.

Eulogies is the celebration of one’s life and creates an avenue for one to release their grief.

For some, it also provides healing and brings closure.

Let the legacy of your loved one live on through their stories.

Friends and family members get to know the different sides of the person not usually displayed at home or known to all. Honor life.

Finally, we’ll proceed to bring your loved one to their final resting place.

According to your choice, this could be a columbarium, burial plot of choice, land scattering or even sea burial where family scatters the ashes to the sea and bid their final goodbye, although we all know goodbye is never final as they’ll live forever in our hearts.

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