Funeral Services For All Religions


We understand that every family is different, with each of them having unique preferences.

Whether you have a chosen religious or secular rite, or a combination, we respect all family members and will customize the preferred funeral package for your loved one according to your requirements.

Every life deserves a dignified and respectful send off, and we are committed to carry out the final wishes of your loved one.

Buddhist funeral package singapore

Buddhist funeral package

Our standard Buddhist funeral package will include funeral coordination and essential, professional team and dignified setting up, prayers performed by Buddhist Monks.

Taoist funeral package

Emphasizing on the Celebration of life, we will provide value-added services from quality live band to basic and elaborated paper joss products to suit individual families’ needs and wishes.

taoist funeral package singapore
Christian funeral package Singapore

Christian funeral package

Welcoming the after-life, we offer essential Christian funeral service in Singapore with prim and proper packages for followers of Jesus Christ


Traditional Catholic funeral packages will include funeral coordination, providing Catholic care set-up with an elegant altar and night service team, to allow the peace of mind.


Every life deserved to be honored and celebrated. Arrangements will also be made for non-religious or secular beliefs. Thru understanding your family’s needs, We will go through all the meticulous details, assist you to organise relevant arrangements.

Many people are unfamiliar with the funeral process and what actions to take when their loved one passes on.

For immediate advice and assistance, contact us at +65 96658474 and we can guide you through the entire funeral process.

That is why we have listed the steps here, giving you some guidelines on what to do when a death occurs.

Because, Every Life Matters To Us.

Why choose us


Personal Care

We will arrange every funeral with thoughtfulness & care


<p class=”font_7″>We do the right thing even if no one knows.This value is the foundation for the impact we want to make. Mistakes and errors are normal and we will extend graciousness for each member to learn and grow in their role.</p>


Fair and Affordable Transparent Pricing

In times like these, we understand that nobody will want to go through a fee dispute and so, unlike unscrupulous freelance funeral directors and planners, we believe in conducting our business in a fair and transparent way, always.


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