Portable toilet Singapore

Funeral Planning

We provide the convenience of one-stop professional services and peace of mind with transparent pricing with no hidden charges. Considering mobile bathroom rental, a lot of cautions should always keep in mind in handling them. Besides, they also require proper cleaning to prevent the risk of infection.

We believe in open communication and we will do our best to make arrangements accordingly within your expected costs and wishes for your loved one. We provide Christian funeral package & Buddist funeral package at affordable prices.

Funeral Planning

Our affordable funeral services are designed to help families focus on grieving and healing while we meticulously handle all the fine details for all religious and secular funerals.

They include setting up, embalming, quality caskets, urns, customary and traditional prayer items, transportation, food catering, florals and wreaths, photo enlargement, memorial photography documentation of the final journey, obituary placement, musicians, mobile bathroom rental, mobile toilet sanitation etc. A bathroom is essential in our homes and often in public also, it is difficult to replicate the comforts of your own home. Our mobile bathroom rental can provide a toilet, sink and portable shower all in one just like home.

An important consideration when planning a funeral pre-need is where the remains will be buried, entombed, or scattered. In the short time between the death and burial of a loved one, many family members find themselves rushing to buy a cemetery plot or grave — often without careful thought or a personal visit to the site. That’s why it’s in the family’s best interest to buy cemetery plots before you need them.

Thinking about planning a funeral may make you feel anxious, especially if you are arranging a funeral for a loved one who has recently died. The whole thing just sets your anxiety alarm bells ringing! If that’s you, you’re not alone. Being tasked with planning a funeral can feel very intimidating.