As a one stop burial service organization, Comfort Supplier offers a thorough scope of burial related services including sanitation Rental, Event rental, event portable toilets, Coffee machine rental(Chiller rental), funeral planning and many more. event portable toilets

Portable toilet Singapore

Funeral Planning

We provide the convenience of one-stop professional services and a peace of mind with transparent pricing with no hidden charges.

We believe in open communication and we will do our best to make arrangements accordingly within your expected costs and wishes for your loved one.

Our affordable funeral services are designed to help families focus on grieving and healing while we meticulously handle all the fine details for all religious and secular funerals.

They include setting up, embalming, quality caskets, urns, customary and traditional prayer items, transportation, food catering, florals and wreaths, photo enlargement, memorial photography documentation of the final journey, obituary placement, musicians, mobile toilet sanitation etc.

Services Providence

Hospitality is part of our jobscope.

Your family and yourself will be well taken care of during the process.

From consumption to memories, we will be able to provide a full suites of services, allowing a smooth and easing process.

  • Upright Commercial Chiller (Single Door)
  • Deep Chest Freezer
  • Packet Drinks
  • Bottled Drinks
  • Blossoms
  • Food administrations
  • Videography
  • Packaged nuts & snacks
  • Stationery
  • Red Strings
  • Red Packet
  • Ribbons
  • Tribute
  • Photography
  • and so on
Portable toilet Singapore | Chiller Rental Singapore
Chiller Rental

Coffee Machine Rental

Our extremely affordable Coffee Machine rental or Chiller rental package includes 1 unit of hot beverage machine, dispensing up to 4 various types of drinks. The package will include coffee powder, tea powder, cocoa malt powder, bottles of drinking water, coffee cups and coffee stirrer.
Always a hot seller at events, prior reservation is highly recommended to avoid disappointment.

Event portable toilets

Our event portable toilets, chemical toilets system are western-style seated toilets with specialized high quality deodorizing chemical flushing systems. The septic tank holds a large capacity of 250 flushes with a built-in hand wash basin.

They include

  • Chemical Toilet
  • Plastic Manhole Toilet
  • Shower Room
  • Zinc Manhole Toilet

The plastic manhole toilet comes with shower facility, where wastewater is discharged directly down the sewer manhole. The plastic manhole toilet comes with a western style seated toilet. For the most affordable option, the stainless steel zinc manhole toilet with eastern squatting is recommended.

Other than the event portable toilets options, rental of standalone shower rooms can be solely provided for events requiring spacious changing rooms which can be dressed up according to events requirements, such as a diaper changing or even nursing room.

Cheap portable toilet rental Singapore

Other Product & Services also includes the following but not limited to;

Rental of Premium quality stainless steel Washing Basin

Providing Paper Products such as Toilet & Tissue paper, Hand Soap and Hand Sanitizer, etc

Servicing for portable lavatories; Collection & disposal of human wastewater whereby licensed by NEA.

General washing & cleaning of toilets.

Purchase & Export of Used portable toilet units

Why choose us


Personal Care

We will arrange every funeral with thoughtfulness & care


We do the right thing even if no one knows.This value is the foundation for the impact we want to make. Mistakes and errors are normal and we will extend graciousness for each member to learn and grow in their role.


Fair and Affordable Transparent Pricing

In times like these, we understand that nobody will want to go through a fee dispute and so, unlike unscrupulous freelance funeral directors and planners, we believe in conducting our business in a fair and transparent way, always.


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