taoist funeral package singapore

Taoist funeral package Singapore

Are you looking for a Taoist funeral package Singapore? Taoist funeral package in Singapore provided by Comfort Supplier (Singapore) adhere to the fundamental beliefs of the ancient religion to help the soul of the deceased on its ongoing journey along The Way.

Emphasizing on the Celebration of life, we will provide value-added services from quality live band to basic and elaborated paper joss products to suit individual families’ needs and wishes.

Taoist funeral package Singapore

Our Essential Taoist Funeral Package Singapore includes all essential needs to hold a Taoist funeral in Singapore.

In Addition, our professional service crew will be in a uniform suit to send off your loved ones with you in a solemn and dignified send-off We specialise in tailoring Taoist funerals to the needs of specific Chinese dialect groups as we help families through the anguish of bereavement.

We go to great lengths to make sure your loved one gets a meaningful funeral that reflects Taoist philosophy, the natural order of the cosmos, and the joy of ongoing life after physical death.

As with all our funeral services and packages, you can rest assured that Comfort Supplier will organise the Taoist funeral of your loved one with highest levels of respect and sincerity.

Taoist Funeral Services often have fruit and food offerings to the deceased. Lamps, Candles, Tea, Water and rice are also common items seen at Taoist Funeral in Singapore. Each item carries a symbolic meaning and oftentimes, the rituals performed in a Taoist Funeral are meant to ensure that the soul of the deceased has a smooth journey in the afterlife.

In certain cases, a pearl is placed in the deceased’s mouth. The pearl, with its shiny properties, is said to protect the body of the deceased and is an enabling element in Hell. Likewise, in certain dialects, a bag of rice is placed on top of the coffin.

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