Cheap portable toilet rental Singapore

Portable toilet rental Singapore | Portable shower and toilet

Looking to Rent a Portable shower and toilet? Cheap Portable toilet rental Singapore may be rather necessary if you are expecting many guests at an event, operating a temporary office or running a construction site. They are hassle-free as we will take care of the logistics, installation, cleaning, maintenance and waste disposal for you.

Our portable chemical toilets system are western-style seated toilets with specialized high quality deodorizing chemical flushing systems. The septic tank holds a large capacity of 250 flushes with a built-in hand washbasin.

They include

  • Chemical Toilet
  • Plastic Manhole Toilet
  • Shower Room
  • Zinc Manhole Toilet

The plastic manhole toilet comes with a Portable shower facility, where wastewater is discharged directly down the sewer manhole. The plastic manhole toilet comes with a western-style seated toilet. For the most affordable option, the stainless steel zinc manhole toilet with eastern squatting is recommended.

If you are looking for a top mobile toilet for rent, event toilets, mobile bathroom rental or Portable toilet Singapore then you have come to the right place. We have a range of portable toilets to suit your needs – whatever they may be and however long you need them for. Mobile toilet for rent serves as a necessity especially for the duration that spans over a few days or if your event draws a large crowd.

Portable toilets are self-contained and have all the equipment needed to last for a few days. It comes with chemicals that neutralise any foul smell, toilet paper as well as a water pump to wash your hands. The toilet also comes with a lamp but requires a powerpoint. Flushes and hand wash is good for about 40 pax before it requires a top-up of liquids.

Other than the portable toilet options, rental of standalone shower rooms can be solely provided for events requiring spacious changing rooms which can be dressed up according to events requirements, such as a diaper changing or even nursing room.

Portable toilet Singapore | Event portable toilets | portable shower and toilet

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Other Product & Services also includes the following but not limited to;

Rental of Premium quality stainless steel Washing Basin

Providing Paper Products such as Toilet & Tissue paper, Hand Soap and Hand Sanitizer, etc

Servicing for portable lavatories; Collection & disposal of human wastewater whereby licensed by NEA.

General washing & cleaning of toilets.

Purchase & Export of Used portable toilet units